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Detailed Potentiometer Servicing Info

This is a long one ladies and gentlemen. While servicing the Sansui 771 and the Marantz 2220, I decided to produce this lengthy video covering a lot of info / details concerning technique and tips surrounding potentiometer cleaning and lubrication. Different individuals may utilize various techniques and cleaning solvents, as well as lubricants etc. However, this information does cover the fundamentals and then some. I myself utilize various techniques and "solvents" as well as lubricants based on specific tasks. Nonetheless, as a full time"brick and mortar" shop, specializing in vintage audio repair and restoration, what I cover here works extremely well for the majority of potentiometers (pots) as well as switches that I encounter regularly. Again, this IS NOT intended to be "the final word on the topic", so, I encourage interested individuals to research specifics in regard to the multitudes of contact cleaners / cleaning solvents, as well as lubricants and what surfaces / materials You intend to apply them to. It is impossible for me to cover all such information on such a vast topic

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