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Retro Electro Tech

I’m Retro Ernest of Retro Electro Tech, now located in Skowhegan Maine. I began working on industrial electrical systems, ac/dc controls and associated electronics 4 decades ago in my youth. I started with my late father in the Los Angeles area, where I was born and raised.

​Over time I redirected my knowledge of electrical / electronics theory and skills toward meticulously working on the “vintage audio” I still service and restore today. I was a 70’s and 80's youngster and LOVE the music, entertainment, cool "gadgets" and overall vibe of my era, which is why I dig preserving the electronics that are linked to my youth as well as a lot of fond memories.

​In closing, I thoroughly enjoy continuing research, education and not growing stagnant when it comes to electronics (or anything for that matter). I choose to specialize in the quality of yesteryear, rather than the mostly throw away, failure prone consumer electronics of today. Therefore, If you have a piece of vintage audio gear that is near and dear to your heart and in need of repair and restoration, i.e, a stereo receiver, tape deck, turntable, antique radio console, tube amp, vintage synthesizer etc., feel free to contact me, that’s what this is all about.

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